As at January 1st 2023 our fees are:

Weekly 30 minute one on one lesson $42 ($420 per 10 week term)

Weekly 30 minute one on one lesson with a junior (aged 15 – 17) teacher $29 ($290 per 10 week term)

Sibling/multiple instrument discount

Second child/instrument 5% off ($39.90 per lesson, $399 per 10 week term)

Third or more child/instrument 10% off ($37.80 per lesson, $378 per 10 week term)

Shared lesson (2 students in one lesson) $25 each student ($250 per 10 week term each)

We are currently the only music studio in Newcastle that offers sibling discounts!

Casual lesson $50 (Casual lessons are paid for in advance when the booking is made. The same time/day/teacher each lesson isn’t guaranteed.)

Band Jam Program

Price varies depending on how many members in each band.

* Students enrolled in weekly one on one lessons get a whopping 50% discount!!! *

  • 4 or more members  student price $16 each per hour session/$160 per term (non student price $32 per session/$320 per term) 
  • 3 members student price $18 each per hour session/$180 per term (non student price $36 per session/$360 per term) 
  • 2 members student price $30 each per hour session/$300 per term (non student price $58 per session/$580 per term) 

New student registration/administration fee $36

All our lessons run with NSW school terms and are booked and paid for by term. Most terms are blocks of ten weeks. If you start during a term your fees are adjusted to reflect the remaining weeks in the term.

PAYMENT PLANS If you prefer to pay for your lessons in instalments, we offer direct debit payment plans which can be paid in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments. These plans are super easy to set up, you just have to fill out your bank/card details on an online form.


To reschedule a lesson, please notify us by no later than 9am on the day of your lesson.

If a lesson has been missed & we have not been notified by 9am on the day of your lesson, the lesson cannot be rescheduled for another time.

All rescheduled lessons are to be within the same term as the missed lesson.

If a suitable time cannot be arranged within the same term of the cancelled lesson, the opportunity for a catch up lesson will be missed

If a teacher misses a lesson & a substitute teacher cannot be arranged, a rescheduled lesson will be made at a time that is suitable for the student & teacher within the same term. If, however a suitable time for a rescheduled lesson cannot be made, the missed lesson will be credited to the students account for the next term.

Term fees are due within seven days of the date of the invoice.

Direct debit payment plans are available, if you would like to arrange to pay your fees in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments please email your request to our admin team.

If your fees have not been paid and no payment plan has been requested after your second lesson of the term your time slot will become available and can be booked by other students.

Unless notified in writing, Reynolds & Co Studios may use images/videos/recordings of students for promotional purposes (we just love showing our awesome students off!)

To book lessons, or to make an enquiry, feel free to contact us.