bass lessons newcastle

A wise man once said ‘He who plays the bass, knows the secrets of life & the universe’*

Well, if knowing how to bend time & space is your thing, then the bass is the instrument for you!

Our bass lessons are customised to get you rocking out the bottom end in no time.  Whether you’re a complete beginner or a slappin’ & tappin’ fiend, we’ll show you the correct techniques & theory as well as teach you the songs that got you all excited about the bass in the first place.

Who knows, maybe we’ll also help you unlock some hidden super powers that you knew were inside you all along….

*we aren’t really sure who this wise man is or have any knowledge if this claim is accurate.

Bass Lessons At Our Newcastle Studio

  • All ages & abilities welcome (yes, we also teach adults)
  • Learn your favourite tunes
  • All styles & techniques covered
  • Learn how to get funky….. & stay funky!

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