Ukulele Lessons

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Bring more happy, learn the ukulele!

Have you ever seen an unhappy ukulele player? It’s just not possible to be sad strumming one of these little gems!

Our ukulele lessons are customised to help keep your happy on by teaching you the tunes you love in an easy to digest fashion. In our lessons, we’ll get you strumming along to your favourite jams, introduce you to some new music as well as show you some techniques & theory that will keep that smile on your dial for years to come.

The ukulele has gained a stack of popularity in recent years. The uke is a great instrument to learn for younger students, as well as those keen to dip their toes into music lessons & try an ‘easier’ instrument. The ukulele has only 4 strings and can be strummed with a thumb or guitar pick. Once you get the basics of chords and strumming down, you can play tons of songs!

You could also almost say the ukulele is the guitar’s smaller and easier to play cousin! As an added bonus, our uke teachers are also awesome guitarists, so if you’re keen to move on to guitar lessons, it’s a seamless transition with the same teacher.

Our ukulele tutors are professional, performing musicians and actually totally really cool, down to earth people. We make sure you’re learning in a relaxed & fun environment so you can gather all the tools you need to become that super happy, ukulele strummer you were born to become! 

Want to know the best part? We don’t have a cookie cutter approach to music education at our studio… We understand everyone is unique & learns in different ways so we work with you to get you achieving your music goals by customising the lessons just to you!

Wanna learn hungarian gypsy jazz? Ok, lets do that. Not sure what inspires you? We’ll show you music & techniques that’ll get you more excited than when you made your first mixtape!

No matter how big or small your goals are, if you want to be a professional muso, write & record your own original tunes, join a band, get some experience on the stage or just to learn for your own enjoyment, our aim is to get you to where you want to be with music!

Our holistic approach to learning ukulele includes

  • learning music you love!
  • learning the correct techniques
  • learning how to improvise & create your own music
  • learn the theory behind songs in an easy to understand format
  • One on one or group lessons available for ukulele (just rope in a couple of friends, this is the social instrument of the 21st century)
  • heaps of performance opportunities!
  • music industry workshops
  • access to a state of the art recording studio
  • all ages & abilities welcome (yes, we also teach adults)

Want to organise a free trial lesson or have more questions? Why not get in touch with our Newcastle studio!