Piano Lessons

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We have a completely new & fresh approach to teaching the piano!

In days gone past, the piano has been taught by a boring old lady in a house that smells of meatloaf & too many ticking clocks. Lucky for you, we have a strict no hiring boring old ladies policy! (We can hear the fair work ombudsman calling now…)

Don’t worry, we still teach the classics & make sure our students have a solid foundation in learning how to read music. We just like to freshen things up & get our students learning essential skills like how to read chord charts, how to improvise & how to become an in demand accompanist!

Rather than just learning the scales as boring finger exercises, we would love to show you how to use these scales to create your own music!

All our piano tutors are professional, performing musicians and actually totally really cool, down to earth people.

We make sure you’re learning in a relaxed & fun environment so you can gather all the tools you need to become that awesome ivory tickling piano player you were born to become! 

Want to know the best part? We don’t have a cookie cutter approach to music education at our studio… We understand everyone is unique & learns in different ways so we work with you to get you achieving your music goals by customising the lessons just to you!

Wanna learn Hungarian gypsy jazz? Ok, let’s do that. Not sure what inspires you? We’ll show you music & techniques that’ll get you more excited than when you made your first mixtape!

No matter how big or small your goals are; if you want to write & record your own original tunes, join a band, get some experience on the stage or just to learn for your own enjoyment, our aim is to get you to where you want to be with music!

 Our holistic approach to learning piano & music includes

  • learning music you love!
  • learn a mixture of contemporary & classical styles
  • learning the correct techniques
  • learning how to improvise, create your own music & accompany other musicians!
  • learn the theory behind songs in an easy to understand format
  • heaps of performance opportunities!
  • music industry workshops
  • access to a state of the art recording studio
  • all ages & abilities welcome (yes, we also teach adults)

Nice things people say about us

“I am extremely impressed with the level of professionalism, talented and very gifted musicians ready to impart their expertise and knowledge in a calm, constructive and motivational environment.

I would highly recommend Reynolds & Co as the patience, commitment and care taken with each individual demonstrates the passion they have for their craft. Their ability to engage the student and teach the required skill, technique and respect for their chosen instrument is both honourable and highly commendable.”

Linda W.

“My daughter is having a great time and learning that singing and music is a great experience. The atmosphere is welcoming for families and the young up to date teachers very professional and keen to see the kids do well.

The mid term gig was relaxed and family oriented and an afternoon of good entertainment. Thanks to you all. We’ll be back next term!”

— Leanne L.

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