Band Jam Program

Learning to play in a band is one of the most rewarding, demanding and fun experiences for any musician!

Our band jam program consists of weekly hour long guided rehearsals with the aim to get the groups up and performing at gigs we put on throughout the year.

Once each band has a number of tunes under their belt, they start working towards learning how to improvise as well as writing songs together which is where the fun really starts…

When a song is written, we even get them in our recording studio for a couple of rehearsals and record their song!

Playing in a band is where getting lessons really pays off as you can use all the tools you’ve learnt and your skills on your instrument increase at a much faster rate.

Our students learn so much from rehearsing, improvising, writing music and playing live together!

 Our band jam program includes

  • learn how to play as a band
  • learn how to set up a P.A & band set up for a gig
  • learn how to improvise
  • learn how to write songs
  • heaps of performance opportunities!!!
  • record your original songs!

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