We have heaps of gigs throughout the year in a swag of different settings for our students to show their wares!

We host intimate gigs at our performance space in our studio which are open for students of all abilities, we also have gigs at the end of each term at various venues around Newcastle such as The Wickham Park Hotel, The Grand Hotel, The Beach Hotel, Overtime Cafe.

These gigs are for any student of any ability who can play a song start to finish and are a great introduction to performing in front of an audience and preparation for our larger gigs. It’s also an opportunity to catch one of our student bands as there’s always a couple of them performing at these gigs to show what they’ve been rehearsing each term.

We hold a totally huge and spectacular gig at Lizottes every November where selected students get to play at an amazing professional music venue! All students need to be able to perform a song competently from start to finish, in time with others & have previous performance experience to be able to perform. These are such great gigs as the students get to collaborate together with songs they choose and songs picked by us, some even get to showcase their own original songs!

Being given regular performance opportunities are an integral and often forgotten part of learning an instrument. Having an opportunity to perform live helps motivate students, as they have a goal to work towards and a time limit in which to achieve the goal, also playing in front of an audience helps build self confidence and a sense of achievement!

Our gigs are one big massive collaboration! Both students & tutors pick the songs, teachers accompany students and students jump on each others songs, we are just one big collaborating family! There’s no divas here, we have a healthy & mutual respect & encouragement for those of every ability & level!

Want to see our awesome students in action? Check this out

Here’s some super nice things people say about our gigs;

” Hi Sam

Saturday’s gig was beyond awesome! Huge thanks to you and the guys for all your time and input leading up to the day, and for your effort pulling a truckload of kids together into a seamless, wonderful afternoon of music.”

Jane S.

“Loved seeing the kids doing their  thing on stage and Sam’s chemistry with them is really lovely to see too. Tui is looking forward to the next performance and has been writing a new piece!”

Una R.

“It was a fabulous gig. The performers and the teachers were fantastic. It was a throughly enjoyable afternoon.”

Michelle M


You and your school are to be congratulated for putting on such an amazing show on 24 Nov at the Northern Star. The children performed wonderfully. Ruby and Gus thought the gig was special and enjoyed the experience. My family and friends had a great time too. Thank you.”
Cheng S.

“What a treat Saturday was! Thoroughly enjoyed seeing Oscar on stage doing his thing and all the other kids who took their hearts in their hands and braved the stage! Just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the whole thing, lovely for the kids to get the opportunity to go on stage in a pub environment and even lovelier for their families to be able to relax, have a drink and enjoy such great performances (and not have to sit through and 3hour end of year concert in a church hall!)”