I’m (insert age here) am I too old/young to learn a musical instrument?

Our students ages vary from 5 to 70 odd & everywhere in between.

I’ve never seen you on Beaumont St, where are you located?

We must be Beaumont Streets best kept secret; we get asked this question all the time. Our studio address is Level 1 Suite 3/133-135 Beaumont St. We are across the road from the Greater Building Society & directly above the Retro Wardrobe, in a building called the H.P Chambers Building. Go through the set of doors next to the tattoo shop, walk up the stairs & we are on the first floor.

I’ve had lessons before & all I learnt was boring finger/rhythm exercises & scales, is that what you do?

No, no, no. We believe learning music should be fun first & foremost. That’s why at Reynolds & Co Studios, lessons are customised to each individual student, lessons go at your own pace & you get to learn what inspires you.

That’s not to say that you won’t learn any finger exercises or scales, no, far from it my friend!

Where as you will learn exercises & scales from time to time in lessons, they will be taught in a more fun & practical way, so instead of just learning a “boring” scale, you will learn how scales are used to create killer guitar solos, bass lines, melodies & even how every song is based on some kind of scale. You will get the opportunity to jam with the teachers, using your new found knowledge of scales & theory to make up your own songs/guitar solos/bass lines/drum beats. We’ve had students begin writing music after just one lesson of theory. So no, there will be no learning of “boring” scales here!

I want to learn (insert song name/style of music); will you teach me how to play it?

Absolutely! If we don’t know how to play it, we will figure it out for you.

Help, I’m doing the HSC this year & I don’t know what to do!

Well that’s not really a question, but we know what you mean. Yes, we have helped many HSC students by helping choose appropriate pieces for their performances, teaching them performance skills, guiding them through what the examiners want to see & also with their aural/musicology exams. We can even record your composition assignments in our recording studio!

This sounds great, how much do lessons cost?

Lessons cost $38 (incl GST) per ½ hour and are payable in advance per school term. Eg there are usually 10 weeks to a school term, so a full terms payment of $380 is to be paid on or before your first lesson. If you start lessons during the term, you only have to pay for however many weeks are left in the term (e.g. if there are only 4 weeks left in the school term you pay $152). If you want to try a lesson before booking in for a term, well guess what? Not only is that possible, it’s also offered for free! We now do free trial lessons all the time!

What is a trial lesson?

A trial lesson is exactly the same as a normal lesson, that way you get a good idea of what lessons with us is really like!

If I miss a lesson, can we re-schedule it for another time/day?

We need to be notified by 9am the day of your lesson for the chance of a catch up lesson. We need this amount of notice so we can fill your missed lesson time with someone else that needs a catch up or trial lesson.

All catch up lessons have to be in the same term as the missed lesson.

Do you offer lessons during the school holidays?

No, individual lessons are not offered during the school holidays, however super cool group workshops are carried out during the school holidays, check our blog for details.

I want to give lessons as a present, do you do gift certificates?

We most definitely do! Contact us for more details