Reynolds & Co Studios was founded by Sam Reynolds in 2012 after teaching music privately for ten years.

His philosophy with music education is to make sure everyone is learning in a relaxed and comfortable environment & to customise the lessons to each students individual learning style & goals. He believes in giving students a holistic approach to music by learning the correct techniques, learning theory in a practical sense, giving them the opportunity to improvise & jam in lessons, having performance opportunities as well as learning how to write & record your own music.

Sam is unknown to millions of people, though they have heard his music! His music airs on TV shows multiple times everyday around the world. Sam is a highly experienced music composer & has written music for T.V shows in America such as The Voice, The X Factor, The Grammys, The People’s Choice Awards, Dr Oz, NBC Sports, American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Nitro Circus, Ridiculousness & many more.

A multi instrumentalist, Sam writes, records and produces all of his music in our recording studio. Over 200 of his tracks (in the styles of Rock, Hip Hop, Dance, Pop, R&B, World, Country and Orchestral) are signed to music publishers around the world.