Term 3 Gig!

Whhhaaat? We have an actual thing coming up that will have real live music that you can go to in actual real life & sit in a chair & enjoy the show in actual real life & have a good meal in actual real life while being socially distant from other members of the public in actual real life?

* Disclaimer: Lizottes is still at limited capacity so it’s a smaller show than usual, we are giving our HSC students one last crack at perfecting their pieces, the bands will have a coupla songs & there will be room for a handful of other students that are keen. More info is coming about our world famous not quite end of year gig soon…*

Date: Wednesday 2nd September
Time: From 7:30pm
Venue: Lizottes, Lambton
Tickets: available by clicking on the image above ^^^

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