End Of Term Gig & Other News!!

end of term gig

We have a gig booked in for the end of this term!

DATE: Thursday 11th April (last Thursday of term)
TIME: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
VENUE: The Beach Hotel, Merewether

Those that haven’t been to one of our end of term gigs before, it’s a very casual affair, the first half is open to all students of all abilities who can play a song start to finish & then a handful of our bands will finish the night off with a bang!

If you have a song/songs you can play & want to perform at this gig, please send an email through to reception@reynoldsandco.com.au to book your slot, make sure you let us know ASAP as we have limited spaces available.

Let’s all be famous & stuff on the internet!


Did you know we have a youtube channel that shows off our awesome students?

We set up the go-pro’s in the recording studio (we now also have some pretty mood lighting!) & do live recordings. These are all done in one take, some are solo performances, some accompanied by teachers & others will be a virtual collaboration between students! (several students can all learn the same song & record their parts independently. With the magic of a mixing desk we can put it all together & have a fully recorded song by the end of it without even rehearsing with the other members!)

We are about to start filling our schedule for shooting videos so if you have a song ready & are keen to get involved, please reply to this email or have a chat to your teacher about it/catch me floating around the waiting room for more info. It is a great opportunity to get some experience in the recording studio & you’ll also have an awesome video of you strutting your stuff that you can show off to your great aunt Cath from Cootamundra (when was the last time you visited her? This could definitely help make up for it!).


 Wanna join a band?!?


We have 3 bands that are keen to get off the ground, we just need either another guitarist or a bass player.

We are looking for students in the age range of 12-15 for 2 of the bands, 10-12 for the other.
(If you are a guitarist & aren’t too confident on the guitar just yet, you can always chug along on the bass!)
If interested, come & have a chat next time you are in!

Creative Kids Vouchers


We are a registered creative kids provider which means you can use your $100 voucher with us at any time through out the year.

To obtain your voucher, head to https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-creative-kids-voucher

To redeem your voucher with us, email the voucher through to reception@reynoldsandco.com.au as well as the students date of birth. Then deduct $100 from the total of your invoice (ie if the total is $380, just pay $280) as we need to keep the original total on the invoice for our accounting system.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Direct Debit Payment Plans

Just a reminder we have a new direct debit service available for anyone wishing to pay their tuition fees in instalments.

If you would like to arrange a payment plan, please email admin@reynoldsandco.com.au or have a chat to our reception staff next time you are in.

It is really easy & quick to set up, there’s a number of options available (weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly, monthly) & it works with either credit or debit cards as well as bank details (BSB & A/C numbers).

Students Past & Present Kicking Goals!


Tilly got guitar lessons with us for 5 years & finished up in 2017 while completing the HSC.

She goes by the stage name FRITZ & during 2017 she recorded & released her debut album, with her lead single ‘YUK!’ getting rave reviews from some triple j heavyweights over at triplejunearthed.com which then earned her airplay on Triple J!
In 2018 she released another 2 tracks ‘Biggest Fool In The Word’ & ‘Summer Holiday’, both receiving airplay on triple j, ‘Summer Holiday’ even premiered on the really huge global music blog Noisey! Fritz also embarked on their first headline tour of Australia.

Right now, Tilly & her band are over in America about to play at SXSW, which is a massive film & music conference/festival, how cool is that!?

Click on the pic above to see Tilly’s film clip to ‘Summer Holiday’!


Savannah got music production lessons way back in 2012 & is one 1/2 of Kinder.

Kinder have had an absolutely massive 2017 & 2018! They have played at Splendour in the grass, Falls Festival, supported the likes of Martin Garrix, Marshmello, Allday, toured nationally with Groovin’ The Moo, headlined their own national tour as well as been guest DJ’s for the Friday mix on Triple J.
In 2018 they released their first track ‘Hold On’ which is a collaboration with Brazilian DJ’s Bhaskar & Shapeless (side note: to date ‘Hold On’ has received over 4 million streams on Spotify!). After the success of ‘Hold On’, they have also released 2 tracks of their own called ‘What You’re Like’ & ‘Something More’, both have received regular plays on triple j.
Kinder are not slowing down this year, they are currently touring with the Wine Machine festival & plan on releasing new tracks this year!

Click on the pic above to hear Kinder’s latest track!


Sarah has been getting singing lessons with us for the past 4 years. She’s played at a heap of our gigs throughout the years, is currently in year 12 & has just released her debut song ‘Jelly’ under her name stage name Sara!

Her track is available right now to stream on all platforms, so give the pic a click to hear her debut tune!

I can see big things on the horizon for Sara!

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