Save the date – End of year gig!!!


We hold a totally huge gig at Lizottes every November where selected students get to play at an amazing professional music venue! This is such a great gig as the students get to collaborate & perform together on songs they choose and songs picked by us, this year some are even going to showcase their own original songs! Also, all 5 of our bands will be performing, so everyone gets to see how awesome they are all sounding now!

We are in the middle of selecting the songs & students for the gig. For those unaware, we do try to include as many students as possible, however there is a bar that students need to be at or above. We usually recommend students have experience performing at our other gigs before jumping on the Lizottes stage.

What makes the gig so special is our teachers hardly play in any of the songs! There’s massive collaborations going on all fronts with our students playing on each others songs which means the teachers can pretty much just kick back & enjoy the show!

Date: Sunday 12th November

Venue: Lizottes

Time: Doors open 12pm, show kicks off at 1pm

So, why is it called the ‘not quite end of year gig’?

Well, it is our big spectacular end of year show that takes months of epic preparation & blood, sweat & tears, however due to everyone being so busy during the Christmas lead up we decided to be proactive & do our huge gig just a bit before the end of the year. Our marketing team (me) came up with the really catchy & original title ‘not quite end of year gig’ because it’s our end of year gig, but not quite at the end of the year…. So there you go, pretty self explanatory really.

Not sure what to expect? Click on the video just below to see a sample of last years gig. I think you’ll agree with my completely unbiased opinion that we have the bestest, most talented students goin’ round!

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