Hello Term 2!

Hi Everyone,

This term is just flying along, I can’t believe we are starting week 5 already! This is just a belated quick update of what’s been goin’ on around our studio at the moment & what’s about to start happening in the not too distant future….

We Been Jammin’!


Due to the overwhelming success of the student collaborations at our Not Quite End Of Year Gig @ Lizottes last year, we started up weekly band jams last term!

At the moment, we have a total of 5 bands rehearsing each week. Two bands have starting writing a song & another band almost had their debut performance, (the drummer injured their wrist last minute) busking at the Hunt & Gather Markets last Saturday!

For more info on the program, see below.

When: Weekday afternoons in the big room up the back of our studio.

Cost: $11 each band member per week (billed per term).

The band jams are weekly hour long rehearsals currently guided by myself with the aim to get the groups up & performing at gigs we put on throughout the year. Once each band/group has a number of songs under their belt, we will also start working towards learning how to improvise as well as writing songs together. With our new recording studio now built, once a song is written, we can even get them in the studio for a couple of rehearsals & record their song!

Playing in a band is where getting lessons really pays off as you can start using all the tools you’ve learnt in lessons & your abilities on your instrument increase at a much faster rate.

To get as many people involved as possible we are keeping the cost down to a minimum as it will only cost $11 each band member per week. The bands currently have between 3-5 members each, some can do with another member or 2.

We have 2 bands that could definitely do with a keyboardist &/or another guitarist! If your kids are keen to get involved, please reply back to this email & let’s see if we can slot them in!

There will be an informal performance for all bands (& other interested students) towards the end of this term, more details soon…..


Monthly Gigs!

We have teamed up with the lovely Hunt & Gather Market peeps to provide a totally spectacular line up of music each month! Our students get to busk in the dining area which is an awesome opportunity for anyone wishing to get more performance experience. It is a very relaxed vibe, you aren’t the main focus of attention & you get the chance to earn a bit of coin!

Ideally we’d like all performing students that can accompany themselves to play for at least 30mins or up to an hour if possible! That would be between 6 -12 songs. Remember… the longer you play, the more experience you get, also the more money you can earn! If you want to get out there & start busking, please let us know & we’ll get you market ready!

Let’s Record a Hit Song!


Hooray, the recording studio is officially up & running!!!

We did a couple of test runs with a handful of students last term & this studio has far exceeded all expectations!

If you want to record a tune in the studio, we are doing very heavily discounted rates for our students (approx 50% off!). We have 2 packages available, one for singer/songwriters/instrumentalists & another for bands, check out our recording page for more info on pricing.

If you want to record a track for free, see below!


* This offer is for a track with lead melody (vocals or instrument), accompaniment instrument & light layering of percussion/backing vocals/rhythm guitar.

The first round is on us!


We are still doing free trial lessons across the board on all instruments!

We had such a great response to our free trial lesson promotion last term, we’ve decided to extend the offer for all of term 2!

Student Success!


Savannah Osei is one half of Kinder Dj’s. Savannah got music production lessons with me a couple of years ago (if memory serves correct circa 2012) & it’s great to see how much she is killing it at the moment!

Just this year alone, the girls have played at The Falls Festival in Byron Bay, supported superstar DJ Martin Garrix in Sydney, gone on tour with Groovin’ The Moo, did a DJ set on Triple J for the Friday mix & will be playing Splendour In The Grass in July!

Tilly Murphy aka Fritz has completely flown under the radar & released her debut album last month. She wrote, recorded & produced all the tracks by herself & low & behold, everyone is completely diggin’ her vibe! Since releasing the album, she has been named independant artist of the week by FBi Radio in Sydney, been getting rave reviews on unearthered.com & just two weeks ago her track ‘YUK!’ received an airing on Triple J’s Home & Hosed!

Shameless Self Promotion

Music Composed By Sam Reynolds

So last week in one of the band rehearsals we started writing a song & just before we started, some of the band members (who I’ll leave their names out this time) seemed a little unsure & started questioning what experience I have writing music….

They were somewhat sceptical when I said my music gets played on tv shows around the world every day & I’ve written music for shows such as The Voice, The X Factor, The Grammys, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Nitro Circus & WWE Raw.

Anyway, here’s some physical proof of what I do! People’s Choice Awards on CBS which was watched by over 10 million people in the US, I was asked to custom compose dance tracks for the broadcast, thus getting my name in the credits (no need to mention the credits rolled by so fast I had to pause at the precise nano second to actually see it 😉

Till next time,


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