Hello 2017!

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to say g’day to all the new students & welcome back to the regulars, we hope you all enjoyed the holiday break!

We are already into week 2 of this term so now everyone’s starting to get settled in it’s time to get the wheels in motion for another freaking awesome year ahead. This is a bit of a special year for us as at the beginning of this term this little ol’ music school officially turned a huge 5 years old! We are currently celebrating by offering free trial lessons on all instruments for the first 5 weeks of this term, so if you want to have a taster of a different instrument, nows the time to have that lesson, as we probably won’t be doing this again for another 5 years!

We are extremely excited for the year ahead, it’s shaping up to be a very fun one, read on for more info….

Whose Keen For A Jam Sandwich?


Due to the overwhelming success of the student collaborations at our Not Quite End Of Year gig @ Lizottes last year, it is now becoming a permanent weekly fixture!

That’s right, we are starting weekly band jams this term!

When: Weekday afternoons in the big room up the back of our studio.

Cost: $11 each band member per week.

The band jams are going to be weekly hour long rehearsals guided by one of our teachers with the aim to get the groups up & performing at gigs we put on throughout the year. Once each band/group has a number of songs under their belt, we will also start working towards learning how to improvise as well as writing songs together. With our new recording studio now built, once a song is written, we can even get them in the studio for a couple of rehearsals & record their song!

Playing in a band is where getting lessons really pays off as you can start using all the tools you’ve learnt in lessons & your abilities on your instrument increase at a much faster rate. We are all very excited to get these band jams up & running this year as we know our students will learn so much from rehearsing & playing live together!

To get as many people involved as possible we are keeping the cost down to a minimum as it will only cost $11 each band member per week. We are looking at having bands have around 4-5 members each, if there are any bands with less than 4 members then the price may have to rise slightly to cover costs.

We already have a good number that have put their names down, but we can always do with more! We especially need some more singers & drummers. If your kids are keen to get involved, please reply back to this email (if you haven’t already) & include what afternoons/times they are free to rehearse & let’s make it happen!

Let’s Record a Hit Song!

Hooray, the recording studio is officially up & running!!!
We’ll have some more details coming very shortly, but let’s just say we are very excited to get some students in the studio & record some tunes.

Want to know a cool byproduct of the studio? We will be creating HD videos of student performances in the studio & uploading to our youtube channel! There’s even the chance of some virtual collaborations going on where several students can all learn the same song & record their parts independently. With the magic of a mixing desk we can put it all together & have a fully recorded song by the end of it without even rehearsing with the other members!

Happy Birthday To Us!


Yep, we just turned 5 years old. A bit of a milestone really & instead of getting presents we are flipping the whole birthday thing on it’s head by giving presents instead!

We are doing free trial lessons for the first 5 weeks (see what I did there, 5 years, 5 weeks….?!?!) of this term. If you want to try another instrument or have any siblings or friends keen to have a go, get in touch & we’ll sort a time.

First Gig Of The Year!


Some of our students will be featured at the Beaumont St Carnivale next month! This will be very cool, they are closing off the street to traffic & we are having a massive party in the street! There’ll be plenty of food, drinks, market stalls & music, so save the date Sunday 12th March & come on down! We are on the big stage near the Northern Star Hotel. Hope to see you there!

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