Not Quite End Of Year Gig!

Wow…. What can I say? Last Sunday all of our students absolutely blew my mind!!! I always wanted to top our gig last year, but I had no idea we would exceed my expectations by so much. I cannot believe how well everyone performed! We have no doubt the most talented young musicians around town getting lessons at our studio & I know I speak for all of the teachers when I say how privileged we all feel to help guide them on their musical paths.

I love the fact we had students of all ages rocking out together, all in the name of music. We definitely have a very cool & supportive community going on here, one that I hope every student is proud to be a part of (I know we are!)

If you weren’t at Lizottes on Sunday, you have to check out our facebook page or click on the pic below to check out a snippet of the performances. If you were there, relive the magic & watch it again! All of these are the songs in the second set, I’ll have the first set up early this week after editing.

Thanks again to all our teachers, students & parents for being so supportive of each other, you are all awesome!!!



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