School Holiday Workshops!

It’s now a regular event, we’ve got workshops happening every school holidays this year!

These holidays we’ve got something for everyone. We have a beginners guide to ukulele for those wanting the low down on how to get up & running on the uke, an intro to percussion workshop, group vocal classes to get your harmonies down pat & the ever popular ‘Be The Band’ workshop is back which runs over 3 days & ends with a gig!

Very excited for these holidays coming up! See the poster & info below & get in touch if you’d like to get involved or have any questions.


UKULELE – This is essentially a beginners guide to the ukulele. You will learn everything you need to know to get you up & running on this fun little instrument! No previous music knowledge needed.

GET RHYTHM – Group percussion workshop. Focus will be on learning how to play different percussion instruments in a group setting.

VOCALISE – Group singing workshop. This one is for the singers wanting to learn the art of harmonising & singing in a group.

BE THE BAND – This one’s for everyone & is an awesome experience for those wanting to play in a band! Guitarists, bass players, singers, keyboardists & drummers in three 3 hr mentored jam sessions! Participants are put together in a band & mentored & coached on how to play together & then put to the ultimate test, a live performance in front of family & friends at the Northern Star Hotel!

Click on the pics below for some short snippets of the last band workshop gig.

Screenshot 2016-02-18 17.41.10

Screenshot 2016-02-18 17.41.46


In Other News…

Students wow festival attendee’s on the weekend


We had some students play at the Beaumont St Carnivale on Sunday! The street was closed off, there was plenty of food, drinks and market stalls going round & we had a massive stage to entertain the punters with. Everyone did an amazing job, we had Claudia & Cielle do some solo sets (which both included some killer original songs), Alicia performed with her singing teacher Alex & we had a reunion show for one of our band workshop band’s Sounds Good, Feels Good (featuring Bridie, Leo, Cat, Tommy & Declan)!

Check out the photo below & also our facebook/instagram for some vids of the performers…


Shameless self promotion…

A hip hop track I wrote over 6 years ago just got featured on a show called ‘Noisey’ on the History Channel in America!

The show is a documentary about hip hop superstar Kendrick Lamar & the rap/hip hop scene that he grew up with in his home town of Compton. I wrote this track in the style of Dr Dre for another TV show on MTV which it never ended up getting used on but has popped up regularly on other shows since, so who am I to complain?

Even though my music airs on TV shows around the world every day, it’s still a surprise when I come across a track unexpectedly!

Click on the pic below to hear my track in action.


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