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Ok, I’m just going to skip the pleasantries & get right down to business. Remember how at the end of last year I promised we would have (in my exact words) a bigger, bolder, more badass gig this year? (on a side note, that’s a great use of alliteration there, thanks high school english teacher who I can’t remember the name of….) 

Well as the year is rocketing along & we have done one gig already, it’s time I let the cat out of the bag. We have a rad new venue for our end of year gig that I’m sure you’re all going to love. Our end of year gig is at ………..


Yes, that’s right folks, we are rockin’ Lizottes on Sunday 8th November!

This gig will be a little different from our previous ones, as it’s a bigger venue we’ll be putting on more of a show & we are raising the bar for performances! Some of the teachers have already started locking in songs with their students as everyone that will be performing will have to know their songs by the end of this term. We’ll also be organising more students accompanying each other, so there’s an opportunity to play in more than one song!

The gig will be on at midday with an a la carte menu available. Eat food, watch music, have a drink. I can’t think of a better way to spend a sunday afternoon in November!

In Other News….

Reynolds & Co Music Newcastle

Now doesn’t that look pretty…. not sure if you noticed, but we finally got some signage up so everyone can finally see us! I now no longer have to describe to the minute detail where we are. It only took about a year to decide on what to do here, but it was well worth the wait…

Newcastle ukulele lessons

School holiday workshops went off! We had stacks of students book in for the workshops, heaps of fun was had all round bashing drums, strumming ukes, singing some tunes & rocking out in bands. We’ll definitely be doing more in the future, watch this space for more deets.

reynolds & co music lessons

So I got bored one morning & decided to start buildin’ myself a wall. Doesn’t look like much yet, but it’s the first stage of our new recording studio! Can’t wait to finish this project, I’m super excited to offer this to students keen to experience some studio time.

Shameless Self Promotion

Apparently some of you like to read about my TV composing stuff…… So here’s a partial list of TV shows my music has featured in over the last couple of months:

American Pickers (History), Pawn Stars (History), Live MBL, NFL broadcasts (Fox Sports), Teen Mom (MTV), Ridiculousness (MTV), Made (MTV), American Restoration (Discovery), Say Yes To The Dress (TLC), Metal Mania (VH1), Hot 20 Countdown (CMT), Guinness World Records (History), Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills (Oxygen), Flipping Out (Bravo), You Can’t Lick Your Elbow (National Geographic), Dance Moms (Lifetime).

Heaps of random shows, there are more too, even some I don’t know about as sometimes I never know that my music gets used in a show until a year later!

Anyway, for those who like cold hard facts & want to see my music in action, I’ve dug around & found this old clip of The People’s Choice Awards which aired on CBS in America back in 2010 when I was first approached to write for the show.

I was asked to write dance/pop/electronica tracks in the style of Lady Gaga for presenters & award winners to walk on stage to. This is a short snippet of Jessica Alba walking on stage to one of my tracks, probably the least Lady Gaga like track I wrote, but they still used it…. so who am I to complain?

Till next time,


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