Slam dunk for Reynolds as royalties rock along

The following article was published in the Newcastle Herald on 21/01/15

NOT many of us get to be part of World Wrestling Entertainment, other than in our childhood dreams. But Sam Reynolds has, without so much as exchanging a stern word with The Undertaker.

Reynolds, of Hamilton, wrote the music that played as Seth Green strode out to host the WWE’s Slammy awards. It was a rock track called Ball and Chain. Four million Americans were watching.

‘‘My inner 10-year-old is stoked,’’ Reynolds says.

In fact, if you’ve ever binge-watched TV, you’ve probably heard his work.

More than 200 pieces of his music are signed to publishers in the US, and he deals directly with supervisors for shows on MTV.

His credits include The X Factor, American Pickers, Pawn Stars, The People’s Choice Awards and Dr Oz.

Sometimes, he’ll be watching TV and sit up with a jolt after hearing one of his songs.

Whenever a channel features his work, he gets a royalty. It’s based on viewer numbers.

‘‘So a primetime network placement can be all right,’’ he says.

Cable channels that show lots of repeats, meanwhile, generate lots of little paydays. Reynolds is currently composing for Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory on MTV, in between running his Reynolds and Co music school on Beaumont Street.

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