Drummers Are Smarter!

Here’s a fun fact, Drums are awesome. They’re fun to play, improve your concentration and co-ordination and are great for relieving stress. I wish I had learned how to play when I was younger & I know there’s many of you out there who secretly wish they could also play the drums, so I’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should stop making the excuses & start learning the drums.

6 Reasons Why You Should Learn The Drums

1. Great Foundation For Music 

Rhythm is the heart beat of music. Drums are a great instrument to learn as you are entirely focussed on rhythm. I also believe it’s the best introduction to learning to read music as the notation is the same as other instruments & the range of notes are limited to what you have on your drum kit (usually no more than 8 notes).

Another side effect? Learning the drums first makes it easier to learn other instruments down the track.

2. It’s Good For You and Will Make You Smarter Too!

Playing the drums is exercise. How many other instruments are there that give you a full body work out while practising? You can burn up to 250 calories during an hour long drumming session.

There’s also an added bonus with learning the drums. Scientists have recently found a link between having good rhythm, intelligence and the part of the brain used for problem-solving. Playing the drums can actually make you smarter & think more creatively!

3. Improve Co ordination 

Ever tried to do 2 separate things at the one time & failed miserably at both? Try playing an instrument with both your arms & your legs! Learning the drums improves your co ordination, balance & multi tasking skills.

4. Drums Don’t Have To Be Loud

Technology is a great thing. If you’re worried about making too much noise when playing at home, I’ve got 3 words for you. Electronic drum kit. Plug some headphones into these puppies & Bam, all of a sudden you’re rockin’ out in the bedroom at 2am & the neighbours are none the wiser.

5. Live A Stress Free Life

Playing the drums helps you get your zen on! It’s a widely known fact that drum & percussion instruments are super enhanced stress relievers. Life getting you down? Play the drums, you’ll feel better in no time!

6. This Guy

 If you’re not impressed by how much this guy loves drumming, I give up.

Check out the vid below to see some of our awesome drum students in action.

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