End Of Year Gig

Congratulations to all students who got up & performed at our end of year gig at the Northern Star on Saturday. Everyone put on an amazing show, there was plenty of nerves as this was the first time many of our students had performed live, but everyone rose to the occasion & rocked out!

Here’s what some of the audience had to say:


You and your school are to be congratulated for putting on such an amazing show on 24 Nov at the Northern Star.

The children performed wonderfully.

Ruby and Gus thought the gig was special and enjoyed the experience.

My family and friends had a great time too.

Thank you.



Congrats on fabulous gig. The performers and the teachers were fantastic. It was a throughly enjoyable afternoon.

Best regards,



Loved seeing the kids doing their  thing on stage and Sam’s chemistry with them is really lovely to see too. Tui is looking forward to the next performance and has been writing a new piece.!


What a treat Saturday was! Thoroughly enjoyed seeing Oscar on stage doing his thing and all the other kids who took their hearts in their hands and braved the stage! Just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the whole thing, lovely for the kids to get the opportunity to go on stage in a pub environment and even lovelier for their families to be able to relax, have a drink and enjoy such great performances (and not have to sit through and 3hour end of year concert in a church hall!)


Keep an eye out for some photos & videos of the performances soon…..


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